In the quest to look and feel slim and trim, many people turn to diet and exercise. Strategies such as making sure to eat mainly fruits and vegetables, along with the addition of smaller portions of lean meats and other proteins can assist the body in losing unwanted fat. Lifting weights and aerobic exercises that are done on most days of the week can also help the body to lose weight and look better. Sometimes, however, diet and exercise is not enough to get rid of all of the unwanted fat that the body has accumulated.

In the past, individuals who wanted to get rid of excess fat that did not respond well to healthy diets and exercise sometimes chose to eliminate the fat through surgical procedures such as liposuction. Although the surgical procedures were effective, they often came with unwanted side effects and potentially serious medical hazards. These surgical procedures also resulted in physical down time that the individual would need to undergo while he or she recovered from the experience.

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Fortunately, due to today’s medical and scientific advances, people who want to get rid of excess fat can have a procedure done that is safe, effective, and noninvasive. This procedure is commonly referred to as AOB Med spa coolsculpting. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed and cleared this procedure for use. Coolsculpting involves the freezing of fat cells that are underneath the skin. Freezing the fat cells causes them to die. After a few weeks, the fat is naturally eliminated from the body, resulting in a trimmer and leaner appearance. The procedure is painless and does not cause harm to the skin or underlying organs. After the coolsculpting, the individual is able to return to work or normal activities right away. There are no side effects or medical hazards from this procedure.

People who choose to try coolsculpting will find that this procedure is the most mild, effective, and painless way to get rid of stubborn fat that does not respond well to diet and exercise alone. It is a gentle and easy way to help the individual to look and feel their very best. Those who would like to learn more about coolsculpting can contact the AOB med spa to schedule a consultation. A treatment plan will be created that is designed to best meet the needs of each individual.

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